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Come enjoy some irresistible flavor or delicious fresh juice right at water’s edge with us! Las Vegas is as close to the river’s edge as you can get, so if you’re looking for riverside dining, we’re the place for you. The restaurant is designed to have a natural feel, its very open, with paintings, pictures, and wood sculptures that depict the native fauna and flora of the region. Dining with us is sure to help you realize the vast amount of untouched nature that surrounds you.

Given Las Vegas’s proximity to the river, we specialize in seafood plates such as fish, ceviches, and shrimp. We guarantee the seafood we serve you will be the freshest you’ve had in a while, with fresh catches coming in on a daily basis. If you’re not in the mood for seafood, we also offer a wide variety of international dishes. Check out our menu below.

Las Vegas has a small gift shop, where you can find your perfect souvenir to take home from our region, and can also help you coordinate various tours throughout the region. Additionally, all of our guests can use our free private parking lot during their time with us. We also cater to private events, such as birthday parties and meetings, just contact us to start planning it.

Feel free to contact us via our contact info below for any questions you might have!

Our Menu

Whole Fried Fish $15

Breaded Shrimp $18

Rice and Seafood $15

Garlic Fish Fillet $12

Chefs Salad $8

Traditional “Casado” $8


Continental Breakfast$6

Traditional “Gallo Pinto”$6




Seafood Soup$11

Chicken Soup$7

Chefs Salad$8
Cesar Salad$7
Vegetarian Salad$7

House Specialties

Seafood Platter$24
Whole Fried Chicken$20
Traditional “Casado”$8

Fish House Specialties

Whole Fried Fish$15

Grilled Fish Fillet$12
Breaded Fish Fillet$12

Fish Fillet Seafood Platter$15
Garlic Fish Fillet$12


Breaded Shrimp$18

Spicy Shrimp$18
Curry Shrimp$18

Garlic Shrimp$18
White Sauce or Creole Shrimp$18

Red Meats

Filet Mignon$16

Churrasco (Barbecued Steak)$14
Beef Medallions$16

Smoked or Grilled Ribs$10
Grilled Tenderloin$14


Chicken Cordon Bleu$14
Breaded Chicken$12
Grilled Chicken$12

Traditional Rice Mixtures

Rice and Shrimp$12
Rice and Seafood$13
Rice and Chicken$7

Fast Foods



French Fries$5


Owner: Johnny Bonilla Montero

Las Vegas on TripAdvisor

+506 2788-1117
+506 2788-1061


Monday – Sunday: 7am – 10pm

“Best Food of the Trip – The restaurant was recommended by our snorkeling guide. It was down a little road in the back of town. Prices were reasonable and the portions were hugh even by American standards. We were definitely an unusual group, don’t think they see many Americans!”

– Nancy R (Trip Advisor)