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Embrace the “Pura Vida” lifestyle with the ticos in Sierpe, Costa Rica.

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Bienvenidos a Sierpe!

Sierpe is a community on the South Pacific coast of the country. We are near two of the best tourist attractions, the San Pedrillo station (in Corcovado National Park) and Caño Island. At these two beautiful places, you can enjoy forests, rivers, waterfalls, and a large diversity of nature and wildlife. You can also go scuba diving, snorkeling, and see unparalleled views at Caño Island. Aside from this, we have dolphins and whales that visit us twice a year. Between all of these activities, our visitors can enjoy tours of the protected mangroves, hikes in the forest, kayaking, and afternoons on the beach, and even just bask in the peacefulness of our community park where one can share a conversation, or a tranquil walk through the neighborhoods.

Our community members are simple, upstanding people, and always have a sweet smile and the desire to help and serve whenever they can. Simply put, they want to make you feel at home.

In Sierpe, our visitors will find a rural town with establishments that are in harmony with nature. We have beautiful gardens, tropical birds, and a lifestyle that is Pura Vida!

Thank you,
Adriana Acuña Hildalgo
President of the Tourism and Business Board

Explore Sierpe de Osa


Sierpe is located in the Osa Peninsula in the Southwest Region of Costa Rica.

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    Driving from San Jose to Sierpe takes about five hours. Motorists will drive on Route 27 along the Pacific Coast and will encounter many scenic overlooks and shops along the way.

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    Direct buses are available for tourists traveling from San Jose to Sierpe. The bus ride is five to six hours and costs $10.

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    Nature Air and Sansa Airlines fly between Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, and the Palmar Norte airstrip multiple times a day. The Palmar Norte airstrip is about fifteen minutes away from Sierpe. Tickets are available for $200 per ticket, round trip. Departure and arrival times may vary.